About Us

Welcome to Walt & Co Creative! If you’ve made it this far, chances are you already know we offer digital marketing and content strategies for small businesses. Now, a little more about us…

After working for several years in marketing and brand management, we decided it was time to branch out on our own and turn our focus to where our passion lies – in small businesses.

We respect the incredible amount of work that goes in to owning and operating your own company and love hearing about the successes of local start ups. Walt & Co Creative was established with the understanding that between the early mornings and late nights that small business owners often put in, there’s little time to devote to marketing – important as it may be.

Our roots spread as far as Midwest USA, with backgrounds in digital, direct and international marketing. In more recent times, Walt & Co Creative has relocated to Sydney, New South Wales, where we have been based since 2016.

We enjoy visiting you at your small business and conducting our consultations face to face when possible to experience the ways that your products and services work. Not Sydney based? All you need is a phone or Skype account and we can take our work anywhere.


- kyleigh thorn | Etsy designers-2